Real Estate And Estate Planning

For more than 40 years, I have dedicated my profession to helping the people of Pennsylvania to protect their investments, plan for the future, provide for their loved ones and realize their dreams.

My law firm, the Law Office of Robert G. Radebach, provides experienced, skilled and personalized representation in real estate transactions and estate planning. These areas of the law require patience and foresight. An experienced attorney can make a big difference.

Why Experience Matters

I have many longtime clients, and I have helped some families through multiple generations. This experience gives me insight into the long-term implications of estate planning. I have seen how careful planning can help a family take care of people as they get older, preserve assets and provide for the next generations.

Experience is important in my practice as a real estate attorney, as well. In my decades of practice in Pennsylvania, I have seen how the market can change and how careful legal work can help buyers, sellers and investors avoid expensive, time-consuming legal disputes.

As a small law office in a small town, my clients are important to me, and I take a hands-on, personalized approach to helping them resolve issues and prepare for success.

Contact My Office

If you need the help of a lawyer with experience in real estate and estate planning, contact my office today. Call 717-827-4235 or send an email to schedule an appointment.